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Special song against child labour

The Dutch singer-songwriter Bert Huisman wrote a song about child labour, called 'Every Child'. He performed the song for the first time at a musical evening on the exhibition of this book in The Hague in June 2008 (see page 194). Now he sings the song at almost all his performances creating an awareness of the problem of child labour. The song has not been released on CD, but it can be downloaded here.

Bert Huisman


Every Child

When you walk down the street where children play
Their smiling faces come your way
Should be like that all over the world
Let's make this dream come true

Every child has the right to play
Everywhere and every day
Every child needs the time to stray
Instead of working day by day
So let's stop child labour now, today

So next time, when you buy something cheap
Think of those tortured little hands
We never gave them the time to learn
No opportunities or chance
Think with your heart, not with your head
Think from the bottom of your soul instead
Everyone knows and that's real funny
It's about the greed and the money